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Are we BLIND or Plumb STUPID

If I made bad business decisions and everyone does or they would not be in Business to start with I have to bail myself out or go under and lose everything . Now why should I have to pay for some conglomerates to keep on screwing the public in high finance fees and bad loans . Screw em and feed them Fish Heads .Let them bail themselves out or sell out . They can lower payments to people that can't meet their over inflated mortgage and take a loss or get the Hell out . History has seen these *******s do this over and over and they always come back stronger than ever and you and me have less and less . Just try and get an SBA loan .HA HA hA HA HA HA HA HA no way ....... If we bail them out they still will foreclose on those that still can't pay exhorbitant mortgages to them and we will be paying all the costs .
Did we not learn ANYTHING from the Savings and Loan disastors of yesteryear???????? Wake the Hell Up People Call your Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators and Mailmen hell everybody and lets get REAL . We are in a Recession and have been for years and the Gov and FED keep calling a Slow Down or some other lessor sounding synonym but its still a job cutting , homeless making, insureless ,family killing virus in our economy that throwing more Gas on this Fire won't put it out ...

Then we have Warren Butthead who graciously is putting up a mere pittance of his wealth to help himself to more money by eating the soft underbelly of another company with the option to eat some more when they recover .....God Bless Him . Thats whats wrong with the Economy .....It's called GREED!!!!

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